About Us

Welcome to Albus Law Solicitors 

flex_slide_3As you would expect, traditional values like honesty, openness and trust are very important to us. This is reflected in the fact that 90% of our business comes from existing clients and word-of-mouth recommendations. But we’re also very much focused on the future. A dynamic, evolving and fast growing Legal firm, we embrace new ideas and creative thinking. We enjoy challenging ‘the way it’s always been done’ to develop and deliver fresh solutions to every one of our clients.

Each case is seen as a personal challenge and the aim and urge is to make a difference with an aggressive and innovative approach to finding a legal resolve with all available knowledge and support using every available resource to gain a favorable result. Other cases are successfully resolved by applying the extensive litigation and other legal experience such as mediation and arbitration.Contact us today for impartial and professional legal help.